Marcus Dunstan - Soprano Cornet

Bruce Davies - Principal Cornet

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Jules Farron - Solo Cornet

Andy Pope - Solo Cornet

Vacancy - Solo Cornet

Jo Woodman - Repiano Cornet

Jo joined the band aged 6 and was one of quite a large group of children who were taught to play by Brian Chappell in the kitchen at the Baptist Hall in Wotton while the band rehearsed in the main hall.  She has played with the band ever since, spending some years playing soprano and principal before 'retiring' to the back row!

Emma Henderson - 2nd Cornet

Sarah Iles - 2nd Cornet

Vacancy - 3rd Cornet

Stuart Woodman - 3rd Cornet

Stuart has been playing for over 25 years. He has been a member of the Wotton band for over 20 years, initially joining on tuba before moving to cornet. He comes from a musical family with his two sons, Jon (Flugel) and Alistair Percussionist, plus his daughter in-law, Jo (Repiano Cornet) all being talented musicians. Stuart is also an active member of the band committee. His favourite piece of music is anything by Goff Richards

Allison Gabb - 3rd Cornet

Zoe Mitchell - 2nd Cornet

* Photos courtesy of James Russell Cant